Pandith Govind Raj began his training at 9 years old and comes from a long lineage of pandiths, priests and spiritual healers. He has solved many complex problems for the past 20 years and has developed a very positive reputation amongst his clients, gurus (teachers) and peers for having the ability and gift to solve even the toughest problems. His clients come from all walks of life - various ages, genders, religions, creeds, nationalities etc and have all experienced complete satisfaction working with Pandith Govind Raj.

Pandith Govind Raj was a reputed and most successful astrologer in california with many satisfied clients. He offers excellent services which are genuine and satisfy all the ancient rules to follow. Govind Raj takes care of clients every problem and will give the best solutions that can bring peace and harmony in lives of people.

During life’s unpredictable ups and downs, we inevitably all go through dark patches ranging in love, marriage, jobs, finances, family and health; and sometimes getting out of these dark times can seem like there is no end to it. This is why consulting someone like Pandith Govind Raj can be so beneficial - he will compassionately and accurately guide you through these times and will not leave your side until all your problems are solved. Don’t hesitate to contact him now to change your life for the better!